So, yeah. We have exams. It may seem oddly stupid of me to be telling you explicitly the fact that defines twelve years of us drudging our way to school, but I am not who you think I am. Yep. I'm dead. I'm a ghost. (Author's note : A friend of mine pointed out that … Continue reading THE EXAMINATION


Hello, sir! Yes, you there! Namaskaaram, and good evening. It's the dustbin talking, my dear sir, and there's nothing to be afraid of-do come closer. I come from a long line of dustbins with lids, and I absolutely despise the open mouthed dustbins-you never know what might fall in their mouth. As far as I … Continue reading THE DUSTBIN OF ANNA NAGAR


There is a tale about the last wagon of train 1313. It is said that the last wagon must never be alighted, because a restless spirit haunts that wagon. The spirit is said to have countless injuries, a disfigured torso, and blood all over. Whoever boards that wagon shall become the new host of the … Continue reading THE LAST WAGON


“...yes, its extremely crowded here these days, and so many pick-pocketing incidents, and with a wallet thief on the loose! Be careful, dear…”   ~~   I pushed my way through the crowd towards the train heading towards Velachery, smirking. ~~ “A wallet thief, eh? Well, this is my train. I’m the master thief, and … Continue reading A TRAIN TO VELACHERY


He was an Emperor. A ruler beyond compare. He was the man behind the Roman Empire. But, he was never known to the public. If you traveled back in time, and asked the Romans who their greatest leader was, they would say, “Caesar.” But, it wasn’t Caesar. ~~ He had won many battles, and was … Continue reading THE UNKNOWN EMPEROR