Hello, sir!

Yes, you there! Namaskaaram, and good evening.

It’s the dustbin talking, my dear sir, and there’s nothing to be afraid of-do come closer.

I come from a long line of dustbins with lids, and I absolutely despise the open mouthed dustbins-you never know what might fall in their mouth.

As far as I am concerned, I always get the choicest wastes and garbage, hand picked by the people of Anna Nagar, Chennai.

How about a cup of tea, sir?

 I think I have a chipped porcelain teacup, some spoilt milk and used teabags- if you just dig in, you might find it.

No? A pity. How about yesterday’s rasam saadham (mulligatawny rice) and thaiyir saadham (curd rice)?

No? It’s delicious, really.

So, you see, I find myself regularly stocked with such fantastic dishes to satiate my hunger. As for other material pleasures of my very material life, the people living in the big house a few blocks away always donate excellent quality clothes(are ripped shirts fashion nowadays?) and electronic devices(phones are supposed to explode, right?) once in a while.

Now, getting to the point. I called you here to tell you about the one problem I face every single day.

People throw their garbage all around me, and not in me. And irs always such useful things!

What exactly do you expect me to do? I do not have hands! I cannot pick stuff up!

It’s always stuff I like or stuff I had only wishes of having one day.

Tantalising. That’s the word. Being so close to it, but not being able to reach what you crave so much.

Please, stuff whatever you do not require down my mouth, and not throw it around me, because one man’s garbage is not ANOTHER MAN’S treasure – its a dustbin’s treasure.

Oh? Are you leaving already? I suppose it is almost time for evening Sandhya Vandanam. Just a few more lines, sir, my part is done.

I am the dustbin in Anna Nagar, and I have given you a long lecture in waste disposal.

How’s that for trash talk?


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