There is a tale about the last wagon of train 1313.

It is said that the last wagon must never be alighted, because a restless spirit haunts that wagon.

The spirit is said to have countless injuries, a disfigured torso, and blood all over.

Whoever boards that wagon shall become the new host of the spirit.

But, after all, it is only a tale.




“Mr. Grant!” said a voice over the microphone.

“This is your landlord speaking!”

“I heard that the train you usually travel in has derailed, and many are dead.”

“Can you even hear me?! Are you home?”


“Yes.” said a hoarse voice in reply.

“I was on that train, I survived the accident, somehow. I hobbled back home. I was in pain.”


“What? How? That’s impossible!” said the landlord.


“I got on the last wagon of the train, knowing that the stories and tales of a restless spirit were just absolute nonsense.”


“There was nothing dangerous or hazardous about the wagon; it was like any other, except for the fact that it was deserted and clearly hadn’t been used for ages.”


“After about ten minutes of travel, the train shuddered to a halt. I stood up to look out the window to see if anything happened, but before I could, the whole train tilted.”


“I grabbed the handle on the seat and secured myself from falling down. There was a lot of creaking, as the whole train was falling. My hand slipped, and I fell down, hitting my head in the process, and probably breaking my knuckles. I fainted after that.”


“When I opened my eyes, a very painfully injured man helped me stand. I thanked him, and hobbled my way out of the train. I looked at the trail of destruction and carnage, but I couldn’t have done much about it anyways…”


“I came back home, drank a glass of water, and fell asleep. This was three hours ago, until you called out my name.”


“That’s amazing” said the landlord.

“May I come in?” he asked.


“Certainly” said the hoarse voice.


A man with blood all over his face, hands clearly broken, nose broken, ankles twisted, and face disfigured completely opened the door.


“Come right in.”


2 thoughts on “THE LAST WAGON

  1. After 15 days of searching on Google,(on GOOGLE), I finally managed to locate you. You should try to be more popular bro.


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