“…yes, its extremely crowded here these days, and so many pick-pocketing incidents, and with a wallet thief on the loose! Be careful, dear…”




I pushed my way through the crowd towards the train heading towards Velachery, smirking.


“A wallet thief, eh? Well, this is my train. I’m the master thief, and I’ve never been caught!”

“Let’s get ourselves some phones now, shall we?” I thought to myself, as I boarded the train.


I pushed my way towards an unoccupied seat, and sat down immediately. I looked around, and noticed a man sitting opposite. He had a shiny new phone in his hand, and I absolutely had to get it. I waited for my chance.


A vendor came by, and offered me some candy. I thought, “Why not?”, and went ahead and bought one.

“This is Tirumailai station.” said a cool voice over the speakers, the man with the phone stood. He pushed his way through the crowd, but couldn’t get through.

“Yes!” thought I, and jumped up, bumping into him on purpose. My hand went to his back pocket, and in his moment of shock, I had taken his phone.

I proceeded to smile, and apologise, and get off at Tirumailai.


As I walked back down the stairs, an officer called me, and I turned.

“Hey! You there! Yes, you. Show me your ticket!”

“Absolutely, officer! It’s right here, in my wallet!”

I put my hand in my pocket to take it out.

It was missing.



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