He was an Emperor. A ruler beyond compare. He was the man behind the Roman Empire.

But, he was never known to the public.

If you traveled back in time, and asked the Romans who their greatest leader was, they would say, “Caesar.”

But, it wasn’t Caesar.


He had won many battles, and was a noble and generous king. But, no one spoke of his greatness.

This was because of his one embarrassment in public. He had managed to ruin the reputation of the entire Roman Empire with one silly mistake, and, because of this mistake, all his citizens decided to forget him and everything he had achieved. The man literally formed the entire Empire, and they forgot about him because of his one mistake.

One mistake.

It happened after his victory over a tribal lord somewhere in central Gaul, which was mostly forest back then (France, right now).

A conference was to be held in his palace, regarding the powers of the tribal kings, and how to curb it. Many respected rulers had come to discuss this issue, as they faced the same menace.


So, all the rulers had assembled in the main hall, and the palace cooks had prepared a giant cake, and the slaves were carrying wine all around.

But our unnamed ruler wasn’t present. He had had a rather long and tiring night, what with the signing of new policies, and he needed some sleep.

He had completely forgotten about the conference, and had to be woken up by a surprised-looking slave who entered his room.

He stumbled out of his room in his night gown, and looked around. A well-dressed slave was carrying wine on a plate. He walked toward the slave to ask him who the expensive wine was for, but tripped on his night gown, and landed on the slave, who dropped the wine on the emperor, dousing him, and most of the floor.

As he tried to stand up, he slipped again, and fell down the stairs.

And fell.

And fell.

Right into the multilayered cake. Smack dab in the middle of the main hall.

All the rulers were staring at him, and muttering amongst themselves.

The emperor then realized who he was, and where he was, what he was supposed to do in the presence of such esteemed visitors.

He looked up at his visitors, and fainted.

For this embarrassment, the citizens of Rome, who would do anything to keep their reputation, forgot about a king, entirely.

Just because he fainted.


He was…. Julius Seizure.

He came.

He saw.

He conked out.

10 thoughts on “THE UNKNOWN EMPEROR

  1. Et tu, Bhanav?

    I have to say, I was undecided about this one at first… But I slept on it, and found myself chuckling about it when I woke this morning! Poor Julius. His epilepsy was probably induced by all those knocks in the head during his glorious battles — and what thanks did he get? Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

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