There has been quite some chatter now, about how a second part was promised, but not fulfilled.

So, undertaking a request from a friend, I have a second part of The Valiant Knight.


It had been almost a decade since their fight.

Aeons had passed, but he still was tortured by visions of the fight.

His guttural cry as they raced toward each other, one with a sword, the other with his mouth opened. (I tried to put something heroic here, but it just didn’t work out.)


A flash of lightning, and the sleeper awoke in cold sweat, looking around, terrified. Then, he relaxed, and put his head on the pillow.

And the nightmares began again. The flash of the sword, a raging ball of fire, lightning and thunder everywhere; and a screech of pure hatred.

All this over a small issue of an alarm clock. The sleeper wondered whether the injuries he had received was worth it. Did he really have to kill his nemesis?

He thought, “I mean, look at Doofenshmirtz, and Perry The Platypus. (Thanks a lot, Phineas and Ferb). They seemed to have worked out okay.”

Did it have to do with the fact that peace didn’t exist between Dragons and Knights at the time as it is now with… evil scientist and a platypus?

Well, it was over, and nothing could be done about it. One of them had to die, and the other must wish he was dead. Such was the cruelty of war.


And, the sleeper could not sleep with the nightmares. So, he had to wake.

He walked over to the window, and looked out at the night sky.

And then, he looked at his wings, burnt and slashed apart. He wished he could turn back time, and restore his wings, and avoid the guilt of killing the man.

The outcast dragon, the flightless, lonely dragon, looked up at the skies, and sighed.


At the ruins of their deathly battlefield, ashes were all around.

Beneath the rocks, a figure stirred.

The Knight. He was alive.




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