This is one part of the Mahabharat, (from the ending, where the good stuff is).

If you haven’t heard of The Mahabharat, then, drop the mobile phone, pick out flowers for your grave, and prepare a coffin, because you don’t deserve to live. The Mahabharat is a fantastic Indian Epic, and I’m not going to give you any more spoilers.

In fact, me writing this story seems to be a sort of spoiler.

Getting to the point.


So, the Pandavas decide that they have completed their big “purpose in life”, and that they need a journey to the top of the mountain, because Tenzing Norgay had done it, and they were the supreme, all powerful Pandavas, who hadn’t done it yet.


So, they chose Mount Sumeru as their aim, and began their little field trip.

Along the way, they saw a dog.

It was a Siberian wolf husky, with eyes of two different colors, one as blue as the sky, the other as grey as a stormy night. It barked, and darted towards the five.

Bheema, the mightiest, jumped in front of the rest, shouting, “I’ll protect you all!”

Yudhishtir, the wisest, however, pushed Bheema aside, and ran towards the dog. As the dog jumped, Yudhishtir caught the dog, but, unable to hold the weight, fell, carrying the dog.

The dog began sniffing around the fallen Yudhishtir, and found his reserve packet of sour drops. The dog went crazy, putting his snout in the box and gobbling sour drops by the dozen.

The other began protesting at this, and the dog ended up getting the, well, lion’s share of the sour drops.

And after that, the dog followed the six everywhere.


After many hours of travel, they reached Mount Sumeru. Everyone except Yudhishtir and the husky were whining about one thing or another, and it was turning out to be irritating.

As the five ascended the steep mountain, the husky trailed behind Draupadi, the Pandavas’ wife. In a sudden move, the husky grabbed Draupadi’s leg in its teeth, and threw her off the mountain.

Everyone was horror-struck, while Yudhishtir observed the scene carefully. Bheema and Arjuna were all for meting out the same treatment to the dog, but Yudhishtir silenced them, and said, “It’s a test. He is our examiner.”

“Draupadi fell because she was partial in love…towards Arjuna.”

None of them could argue, so they continued walking.

Then, the dog jumped over Bheema, and caught Nakul and Sahadev, and threw them off the cliff. As a terrified Bheema watched them fall, his hands shook.

He looked at the dog, which gave him a cold stare, and continued walking.

In a small voice, Arjuna asked Yudhishtir, “Why did Nakul and Sahadev fall?”

Yudhishtir didn’t answer until a few minutes had passed. He said, “Nakul thought he was the greatest and most handsome. He was too vain. Sahadev wasn’t too different. They weren’t truly virtuous. They had to die.”


The remaining three terrified Pandavas made their way up the mountain, as the husky walked beside Yudhishtir.

Then, the dog barked, and slapped the ground beneath him. Around Arjuna, the ice cracked, and he fell to his death, his screams echoing all around.

Bheema turned pale. He said, “Wh-”

“Why Ar-Arjuna….brother?”

Yudhishtir thought for a while, and then said, “Do you remember Ekalavya?”

Bheema, realizing the reason behind Arjuna’s fall, kept walking.

They had walked only a few paces, until the dog jumped on Bheema. But, he had learnt from his brothers’ mistakes, and he caught the dog in midair. Yudhishtir may have not been able to carry the dog, but Bheema certainly was.

It was definitely difficult, though.

Bheema shouted, “Brother Yudhishtir! Help me!”

At this, Yudhishtir turned, and saw Bheema fighting the dog. He walked over, and looked at Bheema in the eye.

Behind his back, Yudhishtir balled his fists. Yudhishtir said, “Let justice be done, Bheema.”

Saying that, he punched Bheema with all his might. Bheema fell, but managed to grab on to a ledge. He shouted, “Brother! Why me? HELP ME!”

Yudhishtir knelt down, and said, “Food. That was your only pleasure, Bheema. You have no idea how many in the palace went hungry due to you. And that is why…you shall have to fall, too.”

He held Bheema’s hands, and it was a total Mufasa-Scar scene, and Yudhishtir threw Bheema off the cliff.


Yudhishtir and the dog then completed the journey to the top of the mountain, where the God of Gods, Indra, met them on his chariot. He said, “It is time for you too, to ascend to Heaven, Yudhishtir. You can leave the dog here, now.”

Yudhishtira stood there, and said, “This dog has accompanied me throughout the journey, a feat which even my brothers were incapable of. Hence, I shall not leave the dog here. I want it to join me in Heaven.”

Then, the dog spoke, “Yudhishtir, I am your examiner, and the test has ended. It is time for you to go to Heaven, where your brothers shall be waiting for you. Also,  I wasn’t too afraid of throwing your wife and brothers off a mountain because I knew that you wouldn’t let emotional context get the better of you. But then that finale…..WOW!”

And then, Yudhishtir ascended to heaven, where he met his brothers, and the dog which had followed them-A Siberian Husky with heterochromia.

Of course, the other Pandavas and Draupadi avoided the dog at all costs.



  1. Amazing story Bhanav and a rather befitting title!!
    Continue to write such stories.
    You could have also included the part where Yudhishtir is stunned to find all Kauravas in Heaven but his brothers including Karna and Draupadi in Hell.


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