This guy has written a story about me, so, I guess it is customary to return the favor.

So…where to start?

I’ll assume you recall me stumbling into class for the first time et cetera, et cetera.

The first time I talked to him was probably in the third period of my first day, predictably, SST. I realized that he knew his “Marvel” heroes and comics, and figured it was a good way to strike up a conversation. Of course, I was wrong. He ended up getting caught for “distracting the new student”, and I received glares for the rest of the class.

By lunchtime, it was pretty obvious that he would strangle me to death the moment he got the chance.


Then, the Integrated Projects started to roll in, and we were placed in the same group. He was the group leader, and our English project was to perform a role-play on how to manage time properly.

So, Rishi called for a “Let’s-put-our-heads-together” session, which felt a lot more like a “Let’s put-your-heads-in a dustbin-while I do the thinking” session. I guess he wanted to handle everything on his own, and give us our designated roles, which we were supposed to emotionlessly perform.

This was when I decided to pull my head out of the figurative dustbin, and prepare a script that bedazzled everyone. And I did so.

Any group I have been a part of since that role-play has asked me to prepare the script.

That was the time he and I first actually co-operated and worked to prepare the script. The basic script was mine, with a few character modifications from him.


A few things he is exceedingly good at are:

(a) Basketball

(b) Chess

(c) Jallikattu (I think…)




“No. Die.”

“Go jump off a cliff.”

*slow sarcastic clap*


A few things he has admitted I am better than him at:

(a) Writing (though some people I know might disagree)

(b) Being a Drama Queen, and “acting” in general.


I guess I wrote about him because this guy is one of the few people whose minds, at some times, function exactly like mine.

We have similar ideas about Harry Potter, and are of one mind on many other topics.

He is probably one of those people who you’ll never forget.



  1. U really have a flair for writing. I luv ur writing style n sense of humour. Ur stories kp me engrossed n hungry for more! Gud luck n kp writing!šŸ˜Š


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