“Yeah! I’m coming, Ma!”, rang Tim Johansson’s voice across the hall. Tim and his family were moving out of their old villa in Norwood County.

Tim loved the house, because he was free to roam the long, empty halls, and walk into any room at his leisure. Every room was his, and the kitchen was simply . . . magnificent.

There weren’t too many people vying for the house, because it looked like it would crumble to dust the moment someone touched the outer wall.

But Tim loved his house, and so, to protect it, he set up traps and measures to counteract any attempts at “invasion.”

He was just tightening the last knot when his mother called him.

Tim stepped out, and smelt the grassy, “old-house”, smell for the last time. He walked over to his father, and picked up one of the suitcases lying nearby.

And they left.


Jay was pretty sure that that house was haunted. That old one; probably the only “old” one in all of Norwood County.

Every house in Norwood County was regularly renovated, painted and refurbished.

Everyone in Norwood County were “Monicas” (neat freaks).

And yet, the only house in all of Norwood County that was never renovated, never refurbished or painted was Tim’s house.

Of course, what other reason can be given for mysterious lights flashing on and off, and spooky noises being heard at night?


It had been a while, but he was back.

He had to avoid all the traps he had set up, and generally tried not to freak out about anything spooky in the old house.

He switched off the lights, and the spooky music, and ran over to one of his rooms.

His posters, torn, and tattered but still noticeable, were yellowed and were peeling off the wall. The furniture was crawling with termites, and there were cockroaches and spiders all over the place, but he loved it.

After all, it had been twelve years.

Tim Johansson was back.


It was the day.

Why did it have to be the day?

Jay trudged over to the swing in the park, where Billy the bully jeered at him.

Billy said,” Remember, Clarkson, at exactly 9:30.”

He had lost a bet, and he was supposed to go to the old house and touch the wall of the house.

A terrified Jay Clarkson tiptoed all the way to the old house, where Billy and his goons were waiting.

He nodded nervously at them, and then ran to the porch of the old house.

A light flashed, and he saw the shadow of a man in the top window.

Petrified, Jay slapped the wall of the house, and ran all the way back, and didn’t stop until he reached home.


Tim had just spent the entire day cleaning the house, and he had set up a mattress in the top room.

At 9:30, he looked outside, because he heard some voices.

He looked down, and saw a figure running towards his house.

He switched on the light, but it just flashed and went off again, and he realized that he had completely forgotten about the electricity bill.

He heard a loud slap, and saw the figure running back onto the sidewalk, and sideways . . . out of vision.

“These days, kids have no idea about how to have fun”, Tim muttered to himself.




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