(This short story comes with an apology in advance, for the lack of a twisted ending. Sorry.)

“Time for dinner, Zachary!” yelled a voice from downstairs.

The statement was directed to a thirteen-year-old boy in his bedroom upstairs, who yelled back, “In a few minutes, Ma! “

Zachary was sitting on his bed, hands moving at an inhuman speed over his phone.

He went on like that for a few minutes, until he evidently lost his game.

He shouted, “Damn you, you . . .  pixelated character! You have to jump when I tell you to jump!! Now I have to start this level again!”

He chucked his phone at a pillow on his bed, just as a notification arrived on his laptop. He jumped up, and raced over to his laptop.

No . . . two notifications.

His friend had just sent him a message telling him to switch on the telly immediately, and not to miss the match of the season. The second was a server invite for a game. After rejecting the server invite, he proceeded to grab the remote for the television in his room, and began to flip through the channels.

His room was definitely a gadget oriented one. Typically, his laptop occupied most of the space on his study table, and a little box with pencils was lying on the right side of his laptop. His books occupied very little space in his room, lying on a bookshelf in the corner of his room. They were all well-kept, and . . . still hadn’t been opened. His school books were sprawled on the ground, strewn across the entire room, and his bag lay pitifully, under the bed.

So Zachary continued to watch TV, and the “one minute” time limit which he had given himself was forgotten. Only one person remembered this time limit. The very person to whom he had responded.

His mother waited downstairs, expecting him to walk down any moment soon.

Any moment now . . .

Any moment . . .


After that event, his mother banned him from using gadgets.

He had nothing to do for many days. He got restless, irritated and angry. He now spent most of his time in his room, doing absolutely nothing, but just lying on his bed.

It was almost like he was on an island, with absolutely nothing to do, but wait.

He had lost his ship, his gadgets, and now, he was stranded on an island with no connection to the outside world. He felt abandoned, and depressed. He became a recluse.

He just had to wait. And wait. And wait.


Now, in an allusion to Robinson Crusoe, I need to add an explanation for the following part.

Crusoe met a captive of the cannibals that came to the islands, and named him Friday, after the day that he met him.

After Crusoe returned to civilization, he never forgot Friday. He forgot the name of the ship he sailed on, and never looked back at that, but Friday was an unforgettable part of his life.


Zachary was sitting in his room one fine day, when he noticed his fresh set of books lying undisturbed on the bookshelf.

He picked up one book, and never put any other book down again.


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