My name is Allan, and this is an account of one of the most hilarious events in my life.

It started off when I woke up late for my physics class. Forty minutes late. Class started at about five, usually, and went on till six.

“I’M LATE!!!” I yelled.

I got up immediately, and rushed up to my bag, and stuffed it with my science textbook, and my notebook. I grabbed the lock, and ran out of the house, locked the door, and left. Then, I realized that I had left the house key in the house.

Anyways, bigger things to worry about.

I rushed down the stairs, and grabbed my cycle. Unfortunately, my cycle’s wheel hit the cycle next to it, and the next thing I knew, the handle of the cycle close by was caught in between the spokes of my cycle’s wheels. Both the cycles absolutely refused to move. If I tried to push the other cycle away, my cycle’s spokes might get bent. Impasse.

So I had to run to class.

And so I started running.

I barely managed a hundred metres, before I crashed into an old man who was out for a nice and pleasant evening walk. I immediately apologized, and helped him up, and he began saying, “Rotten teenager! Bloody . . . beating up old men just ‘cause they can’t defend themselves? Remember today, boy. I’ll be reporting you to . . .  whoever . . .”

I apologized again, and then ran on ahead.


“Great. Just fantastic.” I said, on reaching the crossroad. The signal was malfunctioning, so all the vehicles were moving helter-skelter and the traffic police were standing in the middle of the labyrinth of the automobiles helplessly. Pedestrians had absolutely no chance to cross the road.

That’s when I decided to wing it. I ran straight into the river of cars, and was almost run over by a Swift D’Zire. The driver poked his head out of the window, and yelled, “Got a death wish, kid?”

No time to respond. I had to get to class, so, I continued running.


Another few metres ahead, just a few words away from the end, I saw my next obstacle. A guy was walking towards me. When we crossed paths, he grabbed my shoulder, and faced me. He brought his face close to mine, and I could definitely smell alcohol.

(Hey, I am a science student. I had to deal with alcohol a couple of times.)

He said, “I need some money. Give me some money.”

I responded, “Sure. When will you pay me back?”

He threw his head back and laughed, “Pay you back? Good joke, kid. Now, instead of paying you back, I’ll teach you something. Ever heard of whisky, son? Well, I’m gonna let you taste it! Happy?”

I most certainly wasn’t happy. I broke free of his grip, and ran all the way to class, with him at my tail.



So . . . yeah . . . I went to my physics class with a drunkard chasing me and asking me for my money.

He gave up the chase as I neared my class.

When I entered the class, my teacher, Mr. Flitzerbert, said, “Why, Mr. Allan, how remarkably early you are!”

I thought to myself, ‘And I’m the sarcastic one in class . . .’

The teacher continued his lesson.

“So, the unit of power is . . .”

He searched the class for a student worthy enough to give him the answer. He said, “Mr. Allan will tell us about the unit of power.”

I stood up, confused, and said, “Wait . . . what?”

Mr. Flitzerbert beamed. “Exactly, Mr. Allan. Class dismissed.”

He walked out of the class and left me saying, “Wait . . . I don’t get it . . .”

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