I absolutely despise television shows that leave you hanging at the end of the episode or the show.



Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, nothing happened.

Anyways, in another land far, far away, there lived a knight, whose tales of bravery are unknown. Due to this, we shall deal with another knight whose tales are known.

This knight’s tales were told everywhere, and his fame and glory spread. He was tall and broad shouldered, and tanned from his various battles with monsters. He was also a bit of a slob, and a techno-freak.

The king was proud of his stouthearted soldier, his fearless fighter, his dauntless dogface, his vigilant vigilante . . .

(Enough annoying alliterations and aggravating adjectives to describe this famed fighter.)


The king was a fat, lazy old geezer who had no other job except to criticize, and eat. He absolutely loved to eat. But, when it came to matters of war, no one was more active than he. One second, he’s eating chicken drumsticks, a war is announced, and when you turn around to see him, SHAZAM! He’s gone to prepare a map or something.


One fine night, all the citizens were sleeping peacefully in their homes, when suddenly, fires broke out from the sky, and landed on the roof of their houses. Their houses had thatched roofs that caught fire easily, so people died by dozens, and even more died due to asphyxiation.

(Big word, right? It means not being able to breathe, or not having enough oxygen to breathe, as in this case.)

It was actually a dragon from lands unknown. But none of them knew that.


The next morning, when none of his courtiers turned up, and the palace was empty, the king started to worry.

The knight was a smart guy. He lived in the outskirts of the city, where nothing ever happened, so he wasn’t affected by the dragon’s attack.

One citizen, whose clothes were covered in soot and ash walked into the palace. The king noticed him and asked him what happened.

The man said,”M’lord, fires broke out of the sky . . . houses were burnt down, people died by the dozens . . . I ran all the way out to the outskirts and told the knight about this . . . he’s already started hunting down the mysterious fires.”

Coincidentally, the knight strolled into the palace, saying that he had found the source of the fire from the sky.


“Dragons?!” said the king incredulously “But they haven’t been around for the last few decades. If I remember correctly, the last legendary dragon was killed by some king as a task to earn the hand of a princess.”

The knight said, “Yes M’lord, your memory serves you right. A king had defeated the last one . . . or so the others thought. This one has come out of hiding after a long time. I ask your permission to hunt this beast down, and kill it.”

“Yes . . . yes, of course you have my permission, but tell me, where did you get this information?”

“M’lord, I used mediaeval Wi-Fi to connect to mediaeval Google and looked up “dragons” in mediaeval Wikipedia.”

“Hmm” said the king “you may leave to hunt down this beast.”

The knight turned, and walked out the palace.


The dragon’s land was a few hours’ drive in the knight’s Mercedes (mediaeval class).

It was an absolutely barren area, with nothing but rocks all round, and a Wi-Fi router. The dragon was impressive, towering, and fire breathing. As he saw the knight approaching, he sighed and steam curled out of his nostrils.

He said, “Dude, about last knight . . . sorry . . . night . . . I was just cranky, ‘kay?”

The knight said, “Ah! So, great and fearsome dragon . . . tell me what happened.”

The dragon said, “It’s these alarms on my phone . . . well . . . not my phone . . . but my brother’s. He could turn human whenever he wanted . . . so he could switch off the alarms, but I don’t know how to do that, yet. Ever since he died, I have had many sleepless nights because of these things.”

The valiant tech-freak knight said, “I could turn the alarm off for you.”

“You would? Thanks bro!”

The knight did so, and threw the phone up to the dragon.

It never reached him. It fell to the ground with a crash, and the dragon turned and looked at the night.

Suddenly, like in TV shows, the hero and the dragon were miles apart.

The dragon snarled, and the knight hefted his sword, and charged.



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