This is a tale of a village in a kingdom. A kingdom so vast, the village is rarely recognized by the authorities (only the tax collectors know of this place). But that doesn’t mean that the people in our village are lazy and do nothing all day.

In fact, the villagers are a very hardworking lot, i.e., they work a lot.

The local justice league is the village panchayat, which is usually fair in most of its decisions. The panchayat usually meets on the full moon night of every month regularly, and when a problem prevails, they convene when necessary.

It is typically placed in the centre of the village, under a mango tree, and if you ever venture there, you’ll be reminded strongly of that picture of a village panchayat in your economics text: many people sitting around the tree, a village leader, mostly the eldest, talking to the villagers on the issues of the present. . .

The most hardworking people are part of the panchayat, or have been part of it. They are always cheerful and happy and brimming with positivity. Unbelievably, they also happen to be the strongest and heaviest people in the vicinity. They could’ve been sumo wrestlers a few years ago, for all you know.

Then again, there are people who do absolutely nothing, and just sit around and laze about, all day.

(Yes, I know this contradicts my other statement, so, I take the other statement back)

These people who laze about all day are mostly beggars, and don’t want to do any work at all. They just want to earn money. Obviously, if they do nothing, they won’t get anything, ergo, they stay penniless.

Oddly yet, these people also sit around when the panchayat convenes without anyone complaining.

Our village is small, and is at the border of the, we have guards encircling the village, 24×7, nonstop. They move about, in concentric circles, the outermost being the most vulnerable to any attack.

I remember a tale about this village.

Once, the panchayat took an issue to the king, saying that the guards outnumber the hardworking people, and that the guards are often apprehensive and aggressive and spoke negatively to the citizens. The guards insulted and taunted the citizens. They said that they wanted the number of guards and the number of hardworking people to be the same.

Seeing the sense in the solution, the king decreed that the number of guards and hardworking citizens shall be the same hence forth.

With the loss in security around the village, the people began to feel a little unsafe. So, the panchayat began a program, to make the lazy, good-for-nothing people get a good job.

But, the lazy people were, well, lazy. They didn’t even bother registering. Hence, the number of lazy people has always been almost or exactly double the hardworking population.

It has stayed that way for as long as I know.


All this while, I have told you about this village, and how it functions.

Here’s the catch.

I never told you we were humans. The truth is that you humans think of us as non-living.

The hard workers are the protons, also the heaviest particles. The lazy ones are the neutrons, no money, in the sense, no charge on them.

With all this, you would’ve realized that the panchayat is the nucleus, and the guards are the electrons.

Our village is known to you as the Atom.

(P.S. Don’t look so stunned. I dropped hints like bombshells).

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