A pang of fear strikes my heart as the dentist lowers the blinding yellow light, and picks up his dangerous tools and his syringe.

Keep your mouth wide open, okay?’

I look around nervously, for something I can use to protect myself . . . like Captain America’s shield, or Rocky’s mouth guard. Anything that can help me avoid this procedure.

‘Here comes the executioner . . .’ I think to myself.

The title of this story is a reference to Tom Sawyer (it is a book, to all those who don’t know . . .)

See, basically, Tom doesn’t want to go to school, so he pretends to be ill. When his cousin sees him twisting and turning around in his bed, he goes and tells Aunt Polly (in the retelling, Aunt Polly is replaced by the dentist).

Aunt Polly figures out that Tom has a sore tooth, extremely loose. She asks Billy to bring some string, and a piece of burning wood.

He does so.

Aunt Polly ties the string to Tom’s tooth, and ties the other end to the bedpost. She brings the burning wood close to Tom; he lunges back. Et voilĂ ! One tooth hanging by a string tied to the bedpost.

Now Tom can’t wait for school, as everyone will be jealous; he has a gap in his teeth!

No, my dear reader, the dentist didn’t use such decadent techniques to get my teeth out.

He took his syringe, filled with a kind of liquid that makes the area go all numb, and he started poking it everywhere in my mouth.

Freaky? Totally.

He made me wait for a while, and in that while, I realized why I feel like
Two-Face. It’s because we went to the “Dent”-ist’s office. LOL.

Anyways. He returned and took one of his dangerous heavy-duty tweezers and pulled my tooth out. No pain. Just a whole lot of blood.

He pressed a piece of cotton in my mouth, and told me to keep it there for half an hour. ” Have a very cold diet . . . ice cream or something . . . nothing hard, like gobstoppers.”

One reason why I like dentists . . . ice cream.

I sighed deeply. It’s all over for today. I stood up, and said, ” Thank you, doc.”

He said, “Call me Danny.”

I checked his ID card. ‘Danny Traddings.’

His face changed, and his eyes bulged out . . .

He smiled at me . . . a demonic smile . . . blood red . . .

I smiled back, and walked out of the dental clinic.

I breathed in deeply, and sighed, ‘Ahh . . . I love Freak Avenue* . . .’




  1. I really liked ur stories. U kinda have the Goosebumps touch and I’m a die- hard fan of the Goosebumps books. Apparently, i like ur style of writing which is somewhat similar to R.L Stine’s. Keep it up!


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