The world is so mixed up.

For instance, I see Sherlock Holmes wielding a sword and hacking away at a straw dummy at Camp-Half Blood. John Watson is there, too.

Wait . . . WHAT?

Where is Percy, then? And what of Annabeth?

Oh. Practising charms, I see. Percy just got detention from Flitwick for levitating Seamus Finnegan.  ‘It’s
Levi-OH- sah . . . not Leviosarr.’

Snape enters . . . grabs Malfoy by his collar and drags him out of class without a word to Flitwick. How is Snape ALIVE?

Oh, well. Harry isn’t there, and Malfoy must have made some mistake . . . didn’t come for detention last night, I guess.

Hold on . . . is that Harry? And Ron? And Hermione?

They’re walking up to the cook with their plate. They had already eaten . . . and the washbasin is on the other side of the room.
All three of them spoke in unison, “Please, sir, can we have some more?”


Ohh . . . that’s unfortunate. I’m guessing that none of them have read Oliver Twist . . . although I am a little disappointed with Hermione . . .

Would you look at that! Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn . . . wielding bows and arrows, trying to shoot each other. Where is Katniss Everdeen, now? Tom and Huck are friends . . . and now they’re going all Hunger Games on each other, literally.

007 and Moriarty . . . at the Reichenbach Falls, trading deafening blows. James falls on the ground; Moriarty cries out triumphantly. 007 is on his feet again . . . he runs and dodges Moriarty. He presses a button, and his amazing Aston-Martin comes roaring down the cliff, slams into Moriarty and takes him along . . . down , down, down . . .

Q really isn’t going to like this . . .’

Perry Mason, using his high tech gadgets: the laser watch, the belt that becomes a grappling rope, the beautiful BMW with heat seeking missiles . . . he is the new 007!

M enters, “Mason. Your next mission is . . .”

Is that Batman? Why is he standing in front of the POTUS?

“Mr. Batman . . . your next mission, should you choose to accept it . . .” (hands him a phone)
‘. . . this message will self destruct in ten seconds.’

Otherwise . . . everything seems normal . . . hold on! Is that Tony Stark dancing with Cinderella?

Finally! Mowgli and Tarzan have met each other . . .

Peter Parker is Green Lantern?

No!!! The world is about to end . . . Doraemon has the Death Note!!!

The green alien gets out of his space ship, just as the armed protesters begin fighting the robots . . .

This place is so mixed up.
” Arthur! I know you like to read a lot, but will you please put the torn pages of a book back in the same book? I see a page of Perry Mason in Ian Fleming’s James Bond.”


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