As I sit here, at my table, holding my phone, tapping away at my keyboard stringing alphabets into words into sentences into paragraphs, I think about what I should write for you this time. Eleven stories ago, I was bubbling with ideas, but now I wonder where those ideas have vanished. I am pretty sure I had locked my ideas in a safe in my mind palace. But, after careful searching, I figure out that, along with my thoughts, I had locked Harry Houdini too. That guy would have helped my ideas escape.


Well, another quick run through my mind palace, and I find out that the chains I used to lock the safe are rigged. My ol’ pal Houdini must have switched them. He’s just an old trickster, isn’t he?


Sorry. Lost my temper. No matter how many times I catch him and lock him up, he always escapes. It’s irritating. I mean, it’s my mind, and yet I can’t find him once he escapes.

The weirdest thing? One of the things I use to lock him up is always rigged for an easy escape. You would be like,“Its your mind. Can’t you just imagine Houdini in a solid, impenetrable metal box that is not rigged?”

The answer? No. I can’t do that. It’s extremely difficult. You answer me honestly. When I say “Harry Houdini”, the first thing to go through your mind will be “magic”, and then “escape”, and then “possible if locks and chains are rigged.”

When you think that, in your mind palace, it actually happens. Thought chains are almost impossible to control or stop.


Those little buggers always turn up at the wrong moment. No. They turn up exactly at the moment when you have no access to a laptop or a phone or even a pad of paper and a pen.

I think that every author in the world agrees with me, when I say that ideas always come at the wrong moment. If you sit at your table and think about something to write about, it will not strike you at all.

Then there’s the writer’s block. It’s another huge problem in the life of an author. It’s that moment when an author doesn’t get any idea at all, no matter how hard he thinks. The author can’t think about anything to write about, so, when he sits in front of the computer, he begins typing away rapidly. On close examination, you will find out that he is actually typing something extremely,mind numbingly boring. Or he’s typing his grocery list.


I snap back to consciousness. The last two things I remember are me typing on my phone and me having writer’s block.

I look at the article and think,”I am pretty sure I had nothing to write about at the start of this.”



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