This is the Pacific Ocean. Poseidon is the lord of all the seas, but his castle is in the Pacific. He rules wisely and his kingdom is very prosperous. All the organisms live together in peace and harmony. True, it would be excellent if they lived like that forever, but then I wouldn’t be able to type this story without making all of you sleep while reading this.

A problem arose—Oceanus. He was the eldest Titan, and in his time, he had full control of all the seas and was even more powerful than Poseidon. But, when Poseidon took control of the seas, Oceanus was pushed to a small corner of the ocean, from where he occasionally tried to revolt and take control of the seas.

I wish I could tell you that Poseidon destroyed Oceanus every single time, but no, there was this one time when he sent an army of goblin sharks to raze Poseidon’s palace to the ground and bring Poseidon to him.

The goblin sharks were actually Oceanus’ sons . . . no kidding.

It started off as a verbal debate, where

POSEIDON: Dude, there is no way I am giving you 35% of my kingdom. I don’t care how many drachmas you’ll give me. I think I’ve made this much very clear.”

OCEANUS: I am the actual king of the seas! You should bow down to me.

POSEIDON: Okay, first off, it looks like your sense of fashion hasn’t changed since the Paleolithic ages . . .

                                And do you have any idea what a smartphone is?

(This was true because Oceanus wore only a loincloth, and Poseidon was wearing a tee, jeans and was holding an iPhone :P)

OCEANUS:  All right, a battle it is, Poseidon. I will fight and win this war. You watch your back, Poseidon . . . you watch your back!

So . . . yeah, that is how it all began. Now, Oceanus has sent an army of goblin sharks to destroy Poseidon’s palace . . . and at the fore, the most evil and twisted villain of all time—Doraemon.

The horror.

(Okay. He wasn’t there. But you have to agree . . .)

The sharks came, attacking and destroying everything they could see.

Merpeople, fishes, mollusks swam everywhere, panicking and yelling for help. Whales and sharks also swam as far away as they could from the goblin sharks—even they sensed something wrong.

The sharks’ teeth could bite through anything, and could even swallow explosives without dying.

The sharks managed to eat up the pillars of the palace, and bring a complete section of the palace to the ground.

Poseidon, bruised, crawled out of the heap of rubble and fell down immediately, powerless. The sharks noticed, and two of them took Poseidon’s arms in their teeth and dragged him all the way to the corner of the ocean, where Oceanus sat, waiting to torture Poseidon for all the problems he caused.

Oceanus took a huge sword and whacked Poseidon across the face; he didn’t want to kill him—death was too fast.

He took the sword and hit Poseidon repeatedly across the face.





Poseidon was already half- dead, bleeding unstoppably. His ribs were broken and his jaw was dislocated.

Just then, the sky above the ocean crackled, and Zeus entered, alongside Ares, Athena, Hades, Apollo, Artemis and all the other Gods of Olympus.

“CUT!” screamed the director, and said, “Good job, guys. We’ll do the next scene tomorrow.

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