The year is 3071. This is the year when everything went wrong for every human being on the face of the earth. This is the year when job resumes, certificates, SAT scores and passing school didn’t matter. It was the year when Doraemon was finally removed from all cartoon channels (okay, fine. Not really). It was the year when the world ended, and the human race was extinguished.

It started on the fifteenth of February, at exactly two in the morning. It began with an earthquake in Japan, of an all time high magnitude of 10. The buildings and institutions started collapsing and falling into the earth. The tsunamis and earthquakes around the area sunk Japan halfway, and it was expected to submerge completely within half an hour. Many casualties were reported, what else can one expect, if a country is submerged halfway?

Suddenly, reports began that many volcanoes; inactive ones as well began erupting extremely fast, one after the other. Countless lives were lost in many countries, and, in some countries, people were so ruthless-they didn’t even let their neighbor enter their house, and let them die in cold blood.

Thieves ransacked houses; you might argue, “Pointless” but, well, they’re thieves . . . maybe they want to die rich, I guess.

Major crime bosses committed their major murders and bombings and caused even more chaos and problems and deaths before their . . . untimely demise.

Then the news reached everyone- Asia and Africa are completely submerged, no survivors. The quakes and tsunamis will soon reach America, both north and south.

Otherwise, a huge flood had begun from the Arctic Circle due to global warming; not only natural causes see?

America was the center of it all. Everything will finally converge on America- the flood, the tsunami, the earthquake . . . everything.

The empire state building took a trip to the center of the earth, and it did not find caves or a dinosaur or crystals. The people who were inside were immediately fried to death. People ran and started screaming, but in vain, since the army, the navy, the air force and the red, white and blue attack dog were also gone . . .

Then, it all stopped.

“Johnnie, get out of the sandbox NOW!”

LOL  :P.

4 thoughts on “THE END OF THE WORLD

  1. Sandbox!? That’s the ending twist? Seriously?
    I cannot believe that humanity will survive until 3071 A.D. or even if it does, not with the monuments of the World intact.
    This story is good.
    😉 Nice…….

    Liked by 1 person

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