This is a story of kings and kingdoms, princes and princesses, battles and wars and most of all, victory and the fight for ultimate power- being the ruler of all the 3 kingdoms. As of now, the 3 kingdoms are ruled by Charles IV, Henry XII and George X. All three of them are locked in fierce battle, competing for the ultimate aforementioned power.

Charles’ kingdom was prosperous, and he was a good ruler. But, on the battlefield, armies and warriors and cavalry and siege weapons matter. That was Charles’ weakness. He just didn’t have powerful troops. Peace treaties were useless. Henry and George wanted to annihilate Charles’ kingdom. He tried to convince them, “Wars are pointless, brothers. Let us keep peace amongst ourselves.”

But no brother agreed on peace, since Charles was the eldest of all, and Henry the most power-hungry.

George was the silent type, but, over the years, he had amassed the largest army amongst the three.

Archers, swordsmen and cavalry weren’t even half the entire army. He had monks, bishops and siege weapons like onagers. Bishops and monks had the power to convert entire armies to their side. Siege weapons had a clever and powerful pulley system, which enabled them to launch heavy, high damage causing stones into the air, across the enemy walls and destroying the buildings inside. An extremely good blacksmith and a well equipped siege workshop would be required to make such stuff. Don’t even get me started on the cost . . .

Clearly, George was the richest and most powerful. Ever since Henry and Charles declared war for ultimate power, both of them have been trying to convince George to join forces with them. Half and half was unacceptable. To join forces, the king has to supply a certain amount of resources (depends upon what the neutral king demands). But, at the time of war, one cannot give away too many resources, or he would end up in a situation wherein he doesn’t have enough money to recruit soldiers, which would have disastrous implications on his army.

George demanded a sum of 10000000 units each of wood, gold, rocks and food, not to mention 52% of the king’s army.

“OUTRAGEOUS!” yelled Charles, and thundered out of George’s throne room. I wouldn’t blame him, I mean; it’s a lot to ask for. Besides, 52% of the army means losing control of the army, i.e. if Charles had accepted, then George would be able to make most of the military based decisions. There is also the chance of George backstabbing Charles by making all the soldiers go on some sort of suicide mission . . . all the things a medieval age king has to think about before making a deal.

As Charles walked back, Henry seemed keen on striking a deal with George. Like I mentioned above, he would do anything for power. At this moment, Henry had about 50000000 units of gold, 25000000 units of rocks, 40000000 units of wood, but exactly 10000000 units of food. A dangerous deal, no doubt, considering that he will lose all his food, which is most essential in recruiting soldiers.

“Well, Henry? What do you think of my deal?” asked George expectantly. He knew his brother’s attitude-anything for power.

Henry took some time, and then said, “Well . . . it is a lot . . .”

“Fine. A bargain, brother. Pay me the resources, and you keep 60% of your army, that is, I’ll keep 40% of the army.” Said George.

“Done” replied Henry, almost as soon as this was offered.

“As soon as you manage to send the resources, we shall join forces and attack Charles.” Said George.

Henry walked out the room, a happier, more relaxed man.

As soon as he reached his kingdom, he said to his servant, “Send 10000000 units each of wood, rocks, gold and food to King George’s kingdom now!”

The servant bowed low and walked out. Henry walked over to the balcony of his palace and his eye followed the servant, walking to the market, where the trade carts were waiting. Meanwhile, Henry had problems of his own. He had walked back to his throne room, where the ministers had caught wind of what was going on, about the fact that their king had struck a costly deal with King George. They began an uproar as soon as he walked into the room, “My liege, this deal is dangerous. Did you not consider . . .”

“Please. I have considered all factors. This is a chance for us to gain control of all the three kingdoms, with a partnership with George. I’m sure we can handle this.

At that moment, a messenger entered. He said, “This is a message from King George. He says that we are ready to attack King Charles’ kingdom.”

“YES!”Shouted Henry loudly and joyfully, “Prepare the troops for battle!”

About half an hour later, George and Henry’s troops were poised for attack near Charles’ kingdom. Both of them shouted “CHARGE!” and their army surged forward. The onagers fired, and many huts inside Charles’ kingdom got destroyed. Charles’ soldiers were completely unprepared for this, so, the few who dared to come out were killed almost immediately. By the end, Charles was found dead, and his kingdom in ruins . . . no life left at all.

“GAME OVER” said the screen.

The boy with the joystick, standing in the arcade screamed, “25 cents! I spent 25 cents on this!?”

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