1   Kevin Munro was awake early. Or, he hadn’t slept. The lines between ‘rest’ and ‘being able to sit for a minute or two and relax’ had been rather blurred for him for the last few days. He dragged himself off the couch and made a cup of coffee. His blue eyes scanned his … Continue reading DEAD MAN WALKING


    1 “Next up, Tales of the Supernatural”, blared the radio as Jay Turner poured out the coffee for his brother and associate Zachary. They were private detectives, and rather green, considering they were only 19 years of age and had begun their career in investigation only about a week ago. They had very … Continue reading WARNINGS

His Greatest Shot

“Who is that?” asked the scout from Georgia. He had come all the way from Atlanta to watch a young talented high school point guard named John Mason, but in this case, he questioned the coach about a tall stocky boy who had just been substituted in place of the aforementioned point guard because Mason … Continue reading His Greatest Shot


Once all the guests had left, he walked back into the hall and smiled to himself. He took a deep breath and exhaled sharply, mentally congratulating himself on a task well performed. It was something he had been planning for ages, and it seemed amazing, how quickly it got over. Three guests, very distinguished ones, … Continue reading THE LAST DRINK


Hello, sir! Yes, you there! Namaskaaram, and good evening. It's the dustbin talking, my dear sir, and there's nothing to be afraid of-do come closer. I come from a long line of dustbins with lids, and I absolutely despise the open mouthed dustbins-you never know what might fall in their mouth. As far as I … Continue reading THE DUSTBIN OF ANNA NAGAR